We raised $32 million to scale our Game Warden platform. Read the announcement.
Interface DesignAn illustration of a person looking through augmented reality goggles and moving technology along the conceptual acquisition pipeline.An illustration of a person looking through augmented reality goggles and moving technology along the conceptual acquisition pipeline.An illustration of a person looking through augmented reality goggles and moving technology along the conceptual acquisition pipeline.Application IconCloud Security
The continuous accreditation and deployment of commercial software is crucial for U.S. national security missions. With our Game Warden platform, you'll be achieving exactly that.
ac·qui·si·tion war·fare | /ˌakwəˈziSH(ə)nˈwôrˌfer/
1: the engagement of defense and national security professionals in long-term, continuous competition for access to emerging technologies to achieve a strategic advantage
We must take the geopolitical competition with adversaries for technological advantage seriously and wage acquisition warfare.
Break free from aging tools and processes
Move at the speed of relevance.
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Quicken tech implementation through software and data analytics
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Streamline technology purchasing by using technology to ease evaluation and integration
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Reinforce the defense innovation base by reducing risk exposure to cyber and foreign influence
Unearth advanced capabilities with Atlas Fulcrum
With our leading acquisition planning and market research tool, you’ll be able to quickly find, identify, and select technologies most applicable to the challenge at hand. Atlas Fulcrum provides a holistic view of risk and access to commercial best practices, resulting in the ability to pivot fast and adjust to warfighter needs.
Atlas Fulcrum opens up a new realm of discovery for acquisition professionals.
meet game warden
your gateway to defense markets
Onboard, secure, and run commercial SaaS applications on Department of Defense (DoD) networks at a fraction of the cost and time. Game Warden, the first of its kind DevSecOps platform, provides an alternative to the traditional Authority to Operate (ATO) process and delivers your software at the speed of relevance.
Game Warden offers speed and security on your way to government certification
A Scalable Approach to Delivering Commercial SaaS to the U.S. Government.
Accessing the right data at the right time and in an actionable format has become critical in the complexity of the digital age. While you begin arming your teams to operate in an ever-changing environment, Second Front Systems supplies tailored support ranging from defensible market research to capability assessments to portfolio management.
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Offset Symposium
Second Front Systems' Offset Symposium is the go-to event of the year for forging connections within the national security ecosystem and catalyzing meaningful change in the industry. Attendees hail from the venture-backed innovation ecosystem, traditional defense base, academia, and government to accelerate the development, adoption and scale of new capabilities for U.S. and Allied national security.
With our acquisition warfare software and team of venture-trained researchers and innovators, you'll arm yourself with the tools to uncover and transition advanced capabilities to warfighters. You'll no longer have to shoot blind.
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Second Front Systems Raises Oversubscribed $32 Million Series A to Scale its DevSecOps Platform

Second Front Systems (2F) announces an oversubscribed series A funding round of $32 million led by Moore Strategic Ventures, and co-led by AEI HorizonX.

Second Front Systems awarded contract for Defense Innovation Unit's Proving Grounds Project

Second Front Systems has been awarded a contract for Defense Innovation Unit’s Proving Grounds Project. This project aims to provide mission partners across the Department of Defense (DoD), such as Air Force Special Operations Command, with a testbed capability to enable advanced assessments of commercial technologies prior to procurement and deployment.
Advancing 21st century Government Capabilities
As a public benefit corporation, our purpose is to accelerate the delivery of technologies to U.S. and Allied warfighters. Our first of its kind platform, Game Warden, targets the commercial software authorization process and lays the groundwork for the rapid adoption of game-changing capabilities.
Revolutionizing defense cannot occur in a vacuum. That's why we, at Second Front Systems, partner with forward-leaning organizations looking to accelerate their impact. Working hand-in-hand with government agencies, startups and more, we offer our blend of commercial and government expertise to deliver transformative capabilities for national security use cases.
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