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Keohn Akins: A SkillBridge Experience
Keohn Akins: A SkillBridge Experience
April 26, 2022
Keohn Akins: A SkillBridge Experience
I initially went to school for network operations and studied for a lot of certifications, and throughout that process, I learned about the SkillBridge program and how it could give me the experience and confidence necessary to make the full leap into the private sector. Although I had been working on networks for the past 5 years, at the time I was making my SkillBridge (SKB) decision, I knew I needed to branch out. After realizing it was either automate or be automated, I began doing research on how I could get ahead of the curve… and my answer? The cloud... Since joining Second Front (2F) as an intern, I've learned an abundance of skills on the road to becoming the DevSecOps engineer I am today such as: AWS, Terraform, GitLab, Python, agile methodologies and more. On a daily basis I get a chance to do what I love to do best, LEARN!
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