How Devron is approaching the ATO process
Securing an Authority to Operate (ATO) on government networks is a big hurdle for SaaS companies. See how Devron is tackling this challenge.
"Game Warden streamlines the process any new startup faces when working with the government and deploying to production in an accredited environment."
Kartik Chopra
CEO of Devron

From government agencies to financial institutions, Devron enables data scientists to conduct advanced analysis of decentralized data stores and gain superior insight. Before it can deploy their SaaS platform to users in the federal and defense market, Devron must meet the requirements of obtaining an Authority to Operate (ATO) on government networks.

The traditional pathway to ATO is lengthy and expensive, which led the company to explore alternative options and land on Game Warden, a Second Front Systems product accelerating software delivery to the government. Explore the full story below.


Devron is a leading data science and machine learning platform company that enables innovation by exploiting data synergies that would otherwise be overlooked. It does this by unlocking trapped value and exposing hidden business insights without compromising data privacy through its innovative machine learning platform.

The platform enables data scientists to keep their datasets where they reside without having to duplicate and centralize data. Devron works with entities in a number of industries such as fintech, professional services, defense, and federal government.


As a former undercover CIA intelligence officer, Devron’s Founder and CEO Kartik Chopra understands firsthand the difficulty of deploying software inside the government through the Authority to Operate (ATO) process.

Challenges include:

  • Variable and lengthy timelines
  • High setup and maintenance costs
  • Vague requirements
  • Lack of pipeline transparency
"The biggest hurdle to deploying software inside the government is going through the ATO process."
Kartik Chopra, CEO of Devron


With such a long road ahead of them, Devron sought out alternate pathways to the traditional approaches to ATO and discovered Game Warden, a fully managed and compliant DevSecOps platform accelerating software delivery to the government.

This new and novel approach to accrediting SaaS software for government use provides companies with a set of commercial cloud services (C2S), security and hardening containers, and an established process of engineering to be leveraged and used in production.

For startups like Devron, creating repeatable processes in every function of the business is key for scale. At the intersection of development, operations and security, Game Warden provides exactly that.

“When I look at Game Warden and the catalyst it provides us for operating in government and other accredited environments with a trusted, secure, and compliant platform, it affords us the opportunity to focus more attention on serving customers and building our business.”
Kartik Chopra, CEO of Devron

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