Second Front Systems to Sponsor Fed Supernova 2022

August 16, 2022

ARLINGTON, VA – Second Front Systems™ (2F), a public benefit software company accelerating the delivery of mission-critical software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions to government, announces its sponsorship of Capital Factory’s 2022 Fed Supernova.

Fed Supernova is a three-day event, hosted by Capital Factory, that marries defense priorities with trending technology. The event will be held from Sept. 27-29 at Capital Factory in Austin, Texas. It also includes options to attend virtually.

“We can’t wait to discover what new ideas and technologies are out there waiting for the right people to come together to make it happen,” said Tyler Sweatt, 2F Chief Revenue Officer. “2F is a proud sponsor of Fed Supernova because we understand the importance of events like this that bring technologists, capital partners, and warfighters under one roof.”

Capital Factory is a center for entrepreneurship based in Austin, Texas, with boots on the ground in Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. Capital Factory facilitates collaboration between entrepreneurs, programmers, and designers both in-person and online. It also connects these groups to investors, employees, mentors, and customers. 

Fed Supernova brings together entrepreneurs, government, and industry to bridge the “Valley of Death” between commercial technology and Department of Defense (DoD) programs. Discussion topics are informed by DoD, federal, and corporate thought leaders. 

Federal acquisition corps, entrepreneurs, investors, corporations, and decision-makers from around the world will be in attendance. Past participants include AWS, IBM, Deloitte, MITRE, AFWERX, and more.

2F is sponsoring the “Driving Collaboration” track for this year's event to discuss solutions to the crisis of trust across the DoD, which stifles innovation and weakens national and global security. 2F will also be taking part in “Epic Office Hours,” a speed dating style set of 20-30 minute meetings between startups and government/defense partners.

2F breaks barriers between commercial technology and the defense market with Game Warden®. Game Warden is 2F’s accredited DevSecOps platform that enables both commercial and government solutions to increase speed, security, and scalability for testing, evaluating, procuring, and hosting SaaS applications.

At Fed Supernova, anyone can discover start-ups and solutions like 2F and Game Warden. It is an opportunity to become a part of the discussion of defense innovation and collaboration, and an opportunity to bridge the gap.

2F is proud to sponsor Fed Supernova because Capital Factory and 2F share a goal of connecting small businesses with defense leaders to foster innovation across national security. 


Learn more and register for Fed Supernova here.

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