Defense Acquisitions: Data is In, Status Quo Is Out with Tara Murphy Dougherty

Defense Acquisitions: Data is In, Status Quo Is Out with Tara Murphy Dougherty

Tara Murphy Dougherty

Episode Description

Today on All Quiet, Tyler is joined by Tara Murphy Dougherty, CEO of Govini, a defense software company focused on the defense acquisition space. During the episode, Tara shares her unique journey, offering valuable insights into the challenges within the defense tech landscape. Tyler and Tara explore the pressing need for a paradigm shift, discussing the integration of modern technologies to enhance acquisition workflows. Tara's perspectives on the intersection of policy and technology, as well as the behavioral and cultural changes needed, provide a thought-provoking glimpse into the future of defense acquisitions.

Today on Saved Rounds, Tyler and Enrique discuss emerging Indo-Pacific cyber threats, urging operational resilience and leader retraining, drawing insights from Ukraine.

What’s Happening on the Second Front:
  • The challenge in defense acquisition: policy vs. process improvement
  • The need for cultural change and empathy in acquisition teams
  • Utilizing commercial technology and data for faster progress
  • Building a more agile and knowledgeable acquisition workforce
  • Addressing issues with FFRDCs and preserving commercial innovation
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