Product Features
Deploy your apps on DoD networks
Developers and executives alike gain insight into their application accreditation status and Day 2 operations with Game Warden. Built with visibility and transparency in mind, core features are made accessible through a simple interface that keeps you in-the-know on your app's journey.
App central
Visualize all your apps and their statuses in one place
See application status and which version is running per environment, then navigate to scan lab to remediate and justify vulnerabilities.
Game Warden App Central Screenshot
Component dashboard
Oversee your pipeline with 24/7 alerting and monitoring
Stay up-to-date with a real-time view into your security and release pipeline.
Game Warden Pipeline Screenshot
scan lab
Resolve vulnerabilities found in your container
View your application's vulnerabilities and resolve or justify them before pushing to production.
Game Warden Scan Lab Screenshot
Though you may spend most of your time in-app checking in on your pipeline statuses or resolving vulnerabilities in your containers, there's far more that comes with a Game Warden license.
Rapid Accreditation Pathway Icon
Rapid Accreditation Pathway
Generated application security documentation
Access to ATO compliant security
and release pipeline
Access to hardened application images
A simple step-by-step process from zero to ATO
DevSecOps Icon
DevSecOps Platform
Cluster Networking Configuration
Managed Security & Release Pipeline
Development, Test, & Staging Environments
IL 2/4/5/6+ Production Environments
Continuous Push to Production
(within 48 hours)
Backups every 4hrs w/14-day Retention Period
Cloud Infrastructure Icon
Cloud Infrastructure
Managed Application Hosting on AWS GovCloud
Integration with AWS Services*
Discounted Compute Costs
Database Management
RDS Hosting
Compliance Security Icon
Compliance & Security
Application Scanning
24/7 Monitoring & Incident Response
Penetration Testing
Automated Container Hardening
DoD-Accredited Platform
Managed Security & Release Pipeline
Automated Logging and Alerting
Customer Success Icon
Customer Success
Dedicated Customer Success Team
Slack Communication with Team
Service Level Agreement(s)
Weekly sync with your CS Rep through Production
Supporting Services Icon Gear
Supporting Services
Technical Review
Environment Buildout
Functional Assessment
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