Trends Around Crisis and Risk with Mike LeFever & Roderick Jones

Trends Around Crisis and Risk with Mike LeFever & Roderick Jones

Mike LeFever
Roderick Jones

Episode Description

This week on All Quiet, Tyler is joined by Concentric's CEO, Mike LeFever, and Executive Chairman, Roderick Jones. During the episode, Tyler, Mike, and Roderick explore the intricate intersection of geopolitics, capital markets, and cyber threats. They discuss a pivotal moment in U.S. public safety, the surge in defense technology investment, and the potential for private sector innovation. Mike and Roderick provide valuable insights into navigating uncertainty amid global conflicts and economic shifts, and they offer perspectives on trust-building and the evolving dynamics shaping our world today.

Today on Saved Rounds, Tyler and Enrique discuss the Air Force's API standardization initiative, touching on its effectiveness and emphasizing the need for policy changes in data sharing.

What’s Happening on the Second Front:
  • Decentralized decision-making and information flow
  • Public safety and technological innovation
  • Trust, culture, and decision-making
  • Distilling uncertainties in times of crisis
  • Mental and emotional well-being in uncertain times
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