The Power of Shared Outcomes in Cybersecurity with Chris Hughes

The Power of Shared Outcomes in Cybersecurity with Chris Hughes

Chris Hughes

Episode Description

In this episode of All Quiet on the Second Front, Tyler welcomes Chris Hughes, President of Aquia, Chief Security Advisor at Endor Labs, and author of "Software Transparency." During the episode, Chris shares insights on the transformative power of technology, discussing its potential to bridge gaps and foster connections, and the challenges it poses to privacy and societal dynamics. From the ethics of technology to societal responsibilities, this episode offers an informative exploration of the digital frontiers we traverse daily, offering a renewed understanding of challenges and opportunities in our increasingly interconnected world.

Today on Saved Rounds, Tyler and Enrique discuss FedRAMP draft guidance with optimism about the advisory board. They highlight resource constraints and make a call for automation and a shift in geopolitical strategy.

What’s Happening on the Second Front:
  • Unveiling warfare evolution strategies
  • Technological transformation of military tactics
  • Safeguarding nations through cybersecurity
  • International cooperation & alliance diplomacy
  • Historical wisdom: lessons for future generations
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