SVDG Presents: The challenge of ATOs when scaling in DOD
SVDG Presents: The challenge of ATOs when scaling in DOD
Whether you’re a software company entering the federal market or a government leader responsible for making sure your team has the best tools to accomplish their mission, the Authority to Operate (ATO) process can be a critical enabler, or a massive roadblock. And while the concept of an ATO is simple—a government seal of approval for an IT solution to operate on government networks—but in practice, it’s far more complex. Requirements differ between agencies and there are numerous pathways that can help you achieve accreditation for your software applications. Regardless of your position or role within this process, it can be extremely confusing knowing where to start and who to turn to as you face new challenges. Join Silicon Valley Defense Group and Second Front Systems as we host an open conversation about the current state of ATOs and the implications it has for stakeholders across the software acquisition landscape.
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Oct 13, 2022
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