Snowflake Data Cloud World Tour
Snowflake Data Cloud World Tour
We’re hitting the road again to share Snowflake’s latest innovations and our customers’ most exciting use cases. The Data Cloud World Tour is making 26 stops around the globe to share how to use and collaborate with data in unimaginable ways. Hear from fellow data, technology, and business leaders about how the Data Cloud breaks down silos, enables powerful and secure AI/ML, and delivers business value through data sharing and monetizing applications. Learn about the latest capabilities including advancements with generative AI and LLMs, Apache Iceberg, and Snowpark. And discover the transformative use cases that will drive your business forward. Whether you’re a developer, a data scientist, an IT executive, or a business leader, the Data Cloud World Tour is your opportunity to discover, learn, and experience how the Snowflake Data Cloud can take your company and your careers to new frontiers.
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World Wide
Oct 26, 2023
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