Why Collaboration.Ai Chose Game Warden
Brennan Townley
"Our experience with Game Warden has been exceptional, and we look forward to continuing to work with Second Front Systems to bring our innovative solutions to the Department of Defense."
Brennan Townley
CEO of Collaboration.Ai

Collaboration.Ai utilizes the Game Warden® platform provided by Second Front Systems® to deliver their innovation management software, CrowdVector, to the Department of Defense (DoD). By leveraging the Game Warden platform's security and compliance tools, Collaboration.Ai inherits Game Warden’s Authority to Operate (ATO) and delivers their software to the DoD at a fraction of the time and cost it would take through traditional pathways. This has opened up new markets for Collaboration.Ai and enabled the DoD to leverage the power of the crowd to drive innovation and transformation.


Collaboration.Ai is a collaboration and innovation management software company that enables organizations to leverage the power of the crowd to generate, prioritize, and manage ideas into outcomes. Their product, CrowdVector, is a cloud-based platform that leverages machine learning, natural language processing, and semantic analysis to capture explicit and tacit knowledge from internal and external stakeholders. This allows organizations to develop an innovation ecosystem that can drive organizational evolution and transformation.

"We were facing a number of challenges, both technical and procedural, that made it difficult to get CrowdVector into the hands of the Department of Defense."

Brennan Townley, CEO of Collaboration.Ai

Collaboration.Ai's experience with federal accreditation pathways was challenging. They initially tried to go through the FedRAMP process but found it too expensive and time-consuming for an early-stage startup. They continued to pursue other paths for 2+ years, encountering difficulties with the closed nature of some government processes which made it difficult to continuously deliver an improved experience to CrowdVector’s end users. While they eventually deployed CrowdVector on government networks, they were open to exploring alternate options that would help them deliver improved outcomes to their customers.

Before discovering the DoD-authorized Game Warden platform, Collaboration.Ai faced several challenges and pain points when entering the defense market. These included:

  • Navigating the Defense Market: Collaboration.Ai encountered difficulties in navigating the complex landscape of the defense market. They lacked a background in the military and government sectors, which made it challenging to understand the specific requirements and processes involved in working with the DoD.
  • Timelines: Collaboration.Ai realized that traditional pathways for entering the defense market were lengthy and time-consuming. The process of obtaining necessary approvals and certifications often took years, delaying the deployment of their software solutions to government customers.
  • Costs: Collaboration.Ai found that the traditional approach to entering the defense market required significant financial resources. The expenses associated with compliance, certifications, and security measures, such as the FedRAMP process, were prohibitively high for a small company like Collaboration.Ai.
  • ATO (Accreditation) Complications: Collaboration.Ai faced challenges in obtaining the necessary Authorization to Operate (ATO) for their software solutions within the DoD. The ATO process involves rigorous security and compliance requirements, which were time-consuming, costly, and complicated to navigate.

Collaboration.Ai was exploring different options and pathways to overcome these challenges and enter the defense market effectively. It was during this search that they discovered Game Warden, which offered an alternative solution to address their pain points and accelerate their entry into the defense market.

"Game Warden allowed us to dramatically reduce the time and cost associated with getting our product to market."

Brennan Townley, CEO of Collaboration.Ai

Collaboration.Ai discovered Game Warden through a chance meeting between Brennan Townley and the founders of Second Front Systems, Peter Dixon and Mark Butler, who explained the capabilities of Game Warden and how it could potentially help Collaboration.Ai's efforts in delivering their software to the DoD. This led to a conversation and eventually a partnership between the two companies.

Game Warden helped Collaboration.Ai solve the problem of delivering CrowdVector to the DoD by providing a secure DevSecOps platform and secure cloud hosting environment that met the Department of Defense's stringent security and compliance requirements. By leveraging Game Warden's platform and security controls, Collaboration.Ai was able to accelerate the delivery of CrowdVector to the DoD at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional pathways. The Game Warden platform is authorized by the DoD to host applications that adhere to the DoD Cloud Computing Security Requirements Guide and obtain government accreditation at Impact Levels 4 and 5 (IL4/5). By using Game Warden, Collaboration.Ai was able to overcome the pain points, extended timelines, costs, and ATO complications associated with delivering software to the DoD, allowing them to focus on delivering value to their customers.

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