Productable’s Path to Government Success with Game Warden
Rachel Kuhr Conn
"The hardest part about the accreditation and delivery timelines was that they were unknown. If I could have told you, 'yeah, it's a three-year timeline,’ I think we could have probably found a way to deal with it, as painful as it would be. But the fact there was no clear answer is actually what made it the hardest part."
Rachel Kuhr Conn
CEO of Productable

Productable, hosted on Second Front Systems' Game Warden® platform, offers their cutting-edge innovation management software to the Department of Defense (DoD). By harnessing the robust security and compliance features of Game Warden, Productable inherits the security controls needed for an Authority to Operate (ATO) and delivers their software to the DoD faster, easier, and more cost-effectively than traditional pathways. With Game Warden, Productable is able to scale more efficiently to accommodate their growing market opportunities.


Productable is an innovation enablement  platform and software that helps federal agencies de-risk new initiatives and drive the right outcomes faster. Founded by Rachel Kuhr Conn, Productable gives innovators at all levels the industry-tested methods they need to develop new solutions and make data-driven resourcing decisions. . During their search for a solution to their government go-to-market strategy, Productable discovered Game Warden, developed by Second Front Systems, which proved to be a game-changer in their journey towards continuous delivery and a streamlined accreditation process.


Due to the complexities of entering the federal market, Productable encountered several challenges before finding their ideal go-to-market solution. These challenges are faced by many small businesses and start-ups looking to sell to the government.

These pain points included:

  • Unclear timelines: Productable struggled with the lack of a defined timeline, making it difficult to plan and allocate resources effectively. 
  • FedRAMP challenges: Productable pursued FedRAMP certification for their platform, but the process of obtaining FedRAMP certification proved to be too slow for their evolving needs, prompting them to seek alternative solutions.
  • Compliance requirements: Meeting the compliance standards of different Department of Defense (DoD) organizations and setting up new instances for each one would have been time-consuming and resource-intensive.
  • Limited deployment capabilities: Productable desired regular deployments to provide continuous updates to their customers, which is uncommon for the government. 
  • Cybersecurity challenges: Productable needed guidance navigating the cybersecurity “valley of death," a gap in the federal go-to-market process. This valley of death makes it hard for companies like Productable to focus on building their product rather than setting up new systems and meeting compliance requirements for each DoD organization.

Productable realized that they needed a more comprehensive and specialized solution to navigate the federal market effectively. It was during this search that they discovered Game Warden, which ultimately provided the capabilities and support they needed to address their pain points and achieve their federal go-to-market objectives.


Productable discovered numerous use cases and benefits of Game Warden that offered unmatched advantages and enabled them to overcome critical challenges in their journey toward successful market entry into the federal space. 

These benefits include:

  • Continuous Delivery: Game Warden's continuous delivery capabilities allows Productable to release regular deployments with continuous authority to operate (cATO). Customers are pleasantly surprised when they see the product evolving and improving since their last login.
  • Time-to-Deployment Reduction: By leveraging Game Warden, Productable estimated a significant reduction in their time to deployment. Rachel believed that without Game Warden, their deployment timeline would have been extended by an additional 18 months to two years.
  • Simplified Government Procurement: Game Warden simplified the complexities of government procurement and compliance, allowing Productable to focus more on building their product rather than setting up new systems or meeting different DoD organizations’ requirements. This streamlined approach saved them considerable time and resources.
  • Cybersecurity Compliance: Game Warden helped Productable bridge the cybersecurity valley of death by providing a secure and compliant environment for their solutions where their software could inherit necessary security controls. This advantage eliminated the need for extensive cybersecurity setups and ensured a smooth path towards government accreditation.
  • Increased market visibility: By participating in Second Front’s Offset Symposium 2023, Productable successfully identified numerous potential users for their product, demonstrating the ability of Second Front to provide effective co-marketing opportunities and connect commercial customers with potential users.

Game Warden proved to be a game-changing solution for Productable, offering a wide range of benefits and addressing critical pain points in their federal go-to-market strategy. The platform's continuous delivery capabilities, reduced time-to-deployment, compatibility with cATO, and abstraction of cybersecurity compliance were instrumental in driving Productable's success and allowing them to focus on innovation rather than administrative complexities. With Game Warden, Productable was empowered to continuously improve and deliver their software and platform to their government users.

Visit secondfront.com/game-warden to discover how you can deliver your software to the DoD in record time.

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