Delighting Government Users
Dec 9, 2021 11:42 AM
Delighting Government Users

As a growing number of commercial software providers seek to deliver their applications with government customers, the differences between the two worlds are becoming increasingly clear. Whether it’s discovering unique application use cases, creating products that surprise and excite users, or overcoming the complex compliance landscape, there are numerous questions that must be addressed throughout this kind of cross-industry collaboration.

During this webinar, we’ll explore what it takes to delight government users by meeting and exceeding their expectations and securely delivering capabilities that amplify their mission impact.

Meet our speakers

Anna Mitchell

Entrepreneur-in-Residence at 8VC

Anna is an entrepreneur-in-residence at 8VC where she works on incubating companies to advance American national security.

She cares about building transformative technologies to protect free societies and dramatically improve everyday people’s lives. Before joining 8VC, Anna was a product manager and part of the early team at Schmidt Futures, where she built tech products and led special projects for organizations in Schmidt Futures’ network and internally. While there, she built software for defense acquisitions as a product manager at Second Front Systems, and incubated a nonpartisan tech policy initiative, the Plaintext Group, to advise policymakers on AI and other emerging technologies. She also built software at Google and Jigsaw and worked on regulatory issues for startups at Andreessen Horowitz.

Anna graduated from Stanford University, where she studied Computer Science and served as Editor-in-Chief of the Stanford Review. She grew up in a small town near Detroit.

Marty Fromuth

U.S. Air Force Legislative Fellow,
Currently Serving as a Fellow in the White House,
Office of Science and Technology Policy

Marty has focused her career bridging the gap between technologist and non-technologist communities within the National Security arena. She is a career Intelligence Officer in the Air Force Reserves, spending 14 years directing collection and analysis operations.

Her previous positions include Special Assistant to the Principal Deputy Director of Cost Assessment and Evaluation, within the Office of the Secretary of Defense. Here she conducted a Department-wide review of AI/ML investments and helped to direct over $78 Million in future funding. Following her time in the Air Force, Marty transitioned to industry, working at Amazon Web Services as a Senior Account Executive supporting National Security Customers.

At AWS she specialized not only in building needed platforms for data scientists, but also in creating foundational AI/ML applications that allow operational elements to quickly iterate. Her work set the standard for how to best construct an effective AI/ML team. Currently, Marty is serving as an Air Force Legislative Fellow, driving policy and investment in AI/ML and advanced technologies for National Security.

Enrique Oti

Chief Technology Officer at Second Front Systems

Enrique Oti is the Chief Technology Officer of Second Front Systems, a company focused on equipping national security professionals for long-term, continuous competition for access to emerging technologies.

Prior to joining 2F, Enrique had a 23-year career in the U.S. Air Force, during which he served in multiple assignments as a cyber warfare officer and China Foreign Area Officer. Enrique commanded an intelligence support squadron in Korea, and was a co-founder of the Defense Innovation Unit in Silicon Valley. He founded the Kessel Run software development program, and in his final assignment he was the commander of Air Force Lifecycle Management Center Detachment-12 (Kessel Run).

Enrique earned a BS in History from the U.S. Air Force Academy, an MS in Strategic Intelligence from the Joint Military Intelligence College, and an MA in International Relations from Zhejiang University in China, where he studied as an Olmsted Scholar.

Tyler Sweatt

VP of Growth at Second Front Systems (moderator)

Tyler leads Growth at Second Front Systems. He works with government and commercial customers across the Five Eyes community to reduce barriers between commercial technology and the defense and security communities.  His focus is on changing how government agencies identify, engage, and vet commercial technology companies and how commercial technology companies deliver software to government users.

He is also a Technical Advisor at Pallas Advisors, a member of the National Security Advisory Board at CalypsoAI, and a member of the advisory board at WPMC.

Previously, Tyler served as the Head of National Security at CalypsoAI and founded and sold technology advisory firm Future Tense. He also led the emerging technology and security practice at Toffler Associates, working with U.S. and international governments and corporations to build strategies for rapidly changing technology and security landscapes. A graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, Tyler is a former U.S. Army officer.

Dec 9, 2021
11:42 am
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