Introducing the Game Warden Builder

Build DoD Ready Apps from Day 1
March 10, 2023

Second Front Systems™ is pleased to announce the upcoming delivery of Game Warden Builder, a toolkit for building secure, compliant applications from Day 1, based on US Department of Defense (DoD) standards. This developer toolkit allows commercial software-as-a-service companies to build applications in a secure environment that is compliant with DoD standards from the beginning of their project, shortening the product delivery time to DoD customers from years to weeks. 

Pre-release sign-ups for the toolkit are now available at http://secondfront.com/game-warden/builder

Game Warden Builder is being built for commercial software partners to enable them to code to DoD standards at multiple security Impact Levels (IL). Under agreements with multiple DoD entities, Second Front Systems will be expanding the Game Warden Platform into classified networks, and Game Warden Builder will make it easier for commercial companies to develop at the unclassified level, with the confidence that the software will meet the strict DoD standards for deployment on  classified environments.

“DoD Security and compliance should not be an add-on,” said Enrique Oti, Chief Technology Officer of Second Front Systems. “With the right tools and processes, customers can be compliant with DoD standards from the outset, and this will also help make their products more secure in the commercial environment as well.”

Game Warden Builder is built on top of GitLab, an industry-leading tool that helps development teams work seamlessly on the same software project. When combined with Game Warden’s security controls and standards, and secured Kubernetes environment, Game Warden Builder allows developers to host and manage their code in one central location, track changes made by team members, and collaborate on the development of new features all within DoD security standards. Further information about the functionality and contents will be announced in the coming months. 

Game Warden Builder will be released later this summer. Sign up to be notified when the toolkit is available here: http://secondfront.com/game-warden/builder

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