Second Front Systems awarded contract for Defense Innovation Unit's Proving Grounds Project

September 22, 2022

Second Front Systems awarded contract for Defense Innovation Unit’s Proving Grounds Project

ARLINGTON, VA (Sep 22, 2022) – Second Front Systems™ (2F), the public-benefit software company focused on accelerating the delivery of mission-critical software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions to the government, announces today that it had been awarded a two-year Prototype Other Transaction agreement by the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) for its Proving Grounds project.

This project aims to provide mission partners across the Department of Defense (DoD), such as Air Force Special Operations Command, with a testbed capability to enable advanced assessments of commercial technologies prior to procurement and deployment.

“Second Front Systems is excited to work with DIU to bring a vital new capability to the operational community, ensuring that technology is thoroughly tested and evaluated prior to deployment, furthering our mission to accelerate transition of cutting edge technologies to warfighters,” said Tyler Sweatt, 2F Chief Revenue Officer. “This agreement will allow us to leverage Game Warden® and our amazing partners to transform how mission users assess and select technologies while providing an accredited pathway for rapid integration into existing operational capabilities.”

Proving Grounds will leverage test, evaluation, and integration strategies as well as methodologies utilized by commercial companies to provide quality data that will inform and shorten acquisition and accreditation pathways for the DoD. 2F will leverage their Game Warden DevSecOps platform to deliver this capability by providing commercial SaaS applications with an accredited pipeline to rapidly achieve security and compliance requirements, secure accreditation, and deliver a fully-managed hosting environment.

This prototype will act as a proof of concept for the feasibility of incorporating more commercial methods of vetting technology within the Department of Defense context, with the intent of greatly accelerating assessments of emerging unproven/undemonstrated technologies at a pace that remains relevant to rapidly changing technology and adversary environments.

“Particularly, in the case of software, DoD often finds itself making multi-million buy decisions based on powerpoint presentations,” said Peter Dixon, 2F Chief Executive Officer. “We’re excited to be radically disrupting that dynamic.”

Learn more about Proving Grounds: https://www.diu.mil/latest/providing-rapid-technology-assessment-and-evaluation-capability

Learn more about Game Warden: https://www.secondfront.com/game-warden

About Second Front Systems

Second Front Systems (2F) fast-tracks government access to disruptive, commercially-proven software as a service (SaaS) applications for national security missions. Leading software providers—ranging from publicly traded defense contractors to startups—and government agencies trust 2F’s Game Warden DevSecOps platform and secure cloud hosting environment to accelerate their delivery and harness the cloud revolution at scale. Founded by former U.S. Marines, this public benefit, venture-backed software company is driven by firsthand experience of the dangers outdated technology poses in combat. For more information, visit https://secondfront.com/

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