Making the World a Safer Place with TJ Rowe

Making the World a Safer Place with TJ Rowe

Tj Rowe

Show Notes

Today’s guest comes from the Second Front Systems team, the VP of sales, TJ Rowe. After completing his Engineering degree at West Point, TJ spent 7 years as an Infantry Officer with the Army, then carried his success over to the land of commercial real estate. It wasn’t too long before TJ returned to the world of defense, taking a position as the Director of Growth at Second Front. Now the VP of Sales, today’s conversation centers around the mindset and intangibles necessary to sell software to companies that can support scale.

What’s Happening on the Second Front:
  • Military, real estate, defense: The why behind TJ’s career transitions
  • The potential Tyler saw with TJ’s background 
  • Why it's difficult to be optimistic in the world of defense
  • The requirements necessary to sell and scale as a software company

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Top Relevant Quotes:

“Whether it’s defense, commercial real estate, or something else, there are few industries out there where software has not eaten the world yet and taken over.”
TJ - 3:57

“It’s impossible not to be passionate about what we’re doing (at Second Front) and how a strong defense ecosystem in America makes the world a better and safer place. It was an easy decision to be part of a company that’s trying to drive that forward.”
TJ - 5:16

“Sure, there are a lot of front doors that can get you started, like the DIU or AFWERX, but if you don’t have a sponsor on the backend who’s willing to bring you in and adopt you at scale, it’s going to be a challenge. So, you have to be very selective about who you end up investing your cycles in.”
TJ - 19:11



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