Second Front Systems Enables Deployment of Learn to Win to DoD Impact Level 6

Deployment removes barriers of entry to highest level of DoD security classification
April 26, 2024

WILMINGTON, Del., April 26, 2024 – Second Front Systems (2F), a public-benefit software company focused on facilitating the delivery of mission-critical software solutions, today announced the availability of Learn to Win, a leading commercial provider of training software, to DoD Impact Level 6 (IL6) through 2F’s Game Warden.

IL6 is specifically designated for classified information, up to and including information classified as SECRET. By providing commercial leading learning software at this Impact Level, Learn to Win is able to provide customized and personalized learning to organizations working on classified use cases and mission sets. Learn to Win is the first application to reach IL6 through Game Warden, a significant achievement for both organizations.

“Being able to deploy mission-critical training in a rapid and secure way is a strategic imperative for our military. Leveraging Game Warden has helped us achieve that goal for our 20+ DoD customer organizations,” said Andrew Powell, Learn to Win’s Co-Founder and CEO. “This software deployment at IL6 solidifies and furthers our stance as a trusted technology partner to the DoD at the most secure level.”

“Warfighters need access to the best software on the networks where they execute their missions, not only on their personal devices,” said Tyler Sweatt, 2F’s CEO. “This deployment addresses the need for more technology at the top security level head on and is the first of many as we enable some of the best software in the world to support our national security professionals on the networks and in the form factor that mission requires.”

About Second Front Systems

Second Front Systems (2F) securely fast-tracks government access to disruptive, commercially proven software as a service (SaaS) applications in order to serve the national security mission. Leading software providers—ranging from publicly traded defense contractors to startups—and government agencies trust 2F's Game Warden DevSecOps platform and secure cloud hosting environment to accelerate the delivery of innovative tools and programs. Founded by former U.S. Marines, this public benefit, venture-backed software company is driven by firsthand experience of the dangers outdated technology poses in combat. For more information, visit https://secondfront.com/.

About Learn to Win

Learn to Win is a training software provider that helps warfighters perform their jobs at the highest level. Our platform modernizes on-the-job training, enhances proficiency, and accelerates mission-critical learning for the Department of Defense. Our secure cloud infrastructure allows military personnel to safely access their training on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. Learn to Win is trusted across the DoD as the leading provider of training solutions. For more information, visit: https://learntowin.com/defense/.

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