Building AI for Defense: Challenges and Triumphs with Devaki Raj

Building AI for Defense: Challenges and Triumphs with Devaki Raj

Devaki Raj

On this episode of All Quiet, Tyler sits down with Devaki Raj, Chief Digital and AI Officer at Saab. Hear Devaki discuss her background in AI and machine learning, including her time as CEO of Crowdai, a no-code mission-focused AI platform acquired by Saab in 2023.

The conversation dives into Devaki's early experience working with the US government, including her initial impressions and how that has evolved into a passion for AI's positive impact on national security.

Davaki sheds light on Crowdai's acquisition by Saab and the challenges and opportunities of integrating a small, fast-moving AI company into a larger, established defense contractor.

She emphasizes the importance of user empathy and real-world testing for successful AI development.

What’s Happening on the Second Front:

• Transitioning from a Silicon Valley mindset to working in defense

• Using AI to improve real-world applications in national security

• Challenges and benefits of integrating AI with existing defense hardware

• Importance of user empathy and real-world testing in AI development

• Integrating a small AI company into a large defense contractor

Connect with Devaki:

• LinkedIn: Devaki Raj

Connect with Tyler:

• LinkedIn: Tyler Sweatt

• Website: Second Front Systems



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