Leading Amidst Constant Change with Alexis Bonnell

Leading Amidst Constant Change with Alexis Bonnell

Alexis Bonnell

Show Notes

Today on the show, Tyler is joined by the former Chief Innovation Officer of USAID and soon-to-be member of the DoD, Alexis Bonnell. Throughout her admirable career, Alexis has become accustomed to forewarning others about the latest technology destined to change the landscape for good. First it was the internet, now it’s AI. In this episode, we learn why Alexis is both excited—and terrified—for her next chapter with the DoD and how she intends to take initiative and remain adaptable as a leader while tackling the world’s most pressing challenges.

What’s Happening on the Second Front:
  • How Alexis’ early days with the internet have prepared her for today’s AI
  • Creating your own job by identifying needs and being assertive
  • Alexis’ biggest takeaways from her three years at Google
  • What it means to be a leader amidst ever-changing technology 
  • Using the feeling, thinking and doing framework to make changes that stick
  • Drawing the distinction between expeditionary and service innovation

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Top Relevant Quotes:

“Government can be a total pain in the ass, quite frankly, but it’s also filled with people who often really care. My career has been awesome because I’ve managed to find those people that care.”
Alexis - 4:52

“I now will choose jobs only based on the level by which they terrify me. I could go do really comfortable things but I want to work with super smart people and be over my head to a certain extent. Being terrified gives you the gift of humility and allows you to go in in a more permeable mental state.”
Alexis - 10:52

“A ‘win’ in the workspace isn’t always going to be some political or rational thing. Sometimes a ‘win’ can come in the form of just raw, human emotion or pride.”
Tyler - 23:51



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