Defining and Refining Tech Innovation with Enrique Oti

Defining and Refining Tech Innovation with Enrique Oti

Enrique Oti

Show Notes

Today on All Quiet, Tyler sits with the Chief Technology Officer of Second Front Systems, a man he describes as the ‘Software Jesus of the Air Force,’ Enrique Oti. Enrique opens up about some of his blindspots throughout his career, why it’s important to note the distinction between innovation and creativity, as well as his excitement to continue to witness the rapid tactical changes caused by drones in combat.

What’s Happening on the Second Front:
  • Why it’s important to be engaged with your community 
  • The problem with the overuse of the word ‘innovation’
  • How drone warfare is changing the tactics of fighting
  • Enrique’s retirement desires: Living a nomadic lifestyle

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Top Relevant Quotes:

“We have beaten the term ‘innovation’ to death to the point that it’s almost meaningless now. We’ve confused innovation with creativity. It’s like, ‘Oh you’re creative, so you’re an innovator.’ No you’re not. The key to innovation is entrepreneurship.”
Enrique Oti - 4:25

“I’m excited that, in the next twelve months, you’re going to see the inklings of what a real modern software- defined security is going to look like. The DoD is going to drive that and I think it’s going to be great.”
Enrique Oti - 15:11

“I think we have only seen the first little inklings of what drones can do. When you look at the moral boost of a first person drone chasing down a Russian vehicle and exploding it—It’s like gaming has now made it into combat with real life and death. The nature of the actual tactical fight is going to be drastically changed in the next five years because of drones.”
Enrique Oti - 15:25

“Think of how many drones we can buy for the price of one super expensive fighter. I’m not saying get rid of hundreds of fighters, but think of how many drones we could buy if we got rid of just one fighter.”
Enrique Oti - 16:36



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