Bring Your Data to Life: Get Prepared for Machine Learning with Brian Raymond

Bring Your Data to Life: Get Prepared for Machine Learning with Brian Raymond

Brian Raymond

Show Notes

With the continued advancement of machine learning models, it’s only a matter of time before we see the true value of unstructured data. In this episode, Tyler nerds out with Brian Raymond, the founder and CEO of Unstructured.IO, a software development company that’s helping businesses prepare for machine learning to start unlocking the power of their data. Brian took a non-linear career path, leaving a PhD program to work at the CIA and then the White House, followed by a humbling experience in the world of investment banking, to today where he is Founder/CEO of the machine learning startup Unstructured.io. Today, Brian tells us what needs to happen before machine learning models become mission-ready.

What’s Happening on the Second Front:
  • Tyler and Brian share their respective ego-bounding experiences 
  • Building your intellectual toolkit: The value of stepping out of your area of expertise
  • How Unstructured.IO aims to help companies get their data ready for machine learning
  • The current pros and cons of LLM’s (large language models)
  • How AI will increase productivity—discussing the prospect of job substitution
  • Focus on the FACTS - Food, Art, Clothing, Technology and Shelter

Connect with Brian: LinkedIn | Website

Connect with Tyler: LinkedIn | Website

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Top Relevant Quotes:

“GPT 3 happened in 2020, then GPT Neo, Chat CPT and GPT 4 this year, and we’ve seen that those models have brought down both the cost and the time to value. However, there are still some really critical bottlenecks that still exist before we begin utilizing the next generation of machine learning models for mission applications.”
Brian - 8:59

“What we have right now are a collection of really cool demos and some really cool apps that have been built to accelerate—but not replace—workflows. There have been a lot of headlines around things like copywriting being substituted, but we’re not yet at the point where we have a high degree of confidence in handing these things over to automation.”
Brian - 14:36

“I look at the federal space as a great place to start a business or steer a mature business, but a terrible place to scale a business.”
Brian - 20:15



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