The Reality of Working For a Startup with Chip Colbert

The Reality of Working For a Startup with Chip Colbert

Chip Colbert

Show Notes

Today’s guest, Chip Colbert, is the Vice President for DOD and IC at Virtualitics, an advanced analytics company that helps enterprises and governments make smarter business decisions faster with ready-to-use AI that can be understood by analysts and business leaders alike. In this episode, you’ll hear Tyler and Chip bond over their fondness for the chaotic, often unstructured, nature of defense tech work. They also share how and why their perspectives and preferences have shifted over the years as they’ve become more callused in the fast-paced startup industry.

What’s Happening on the Second Front:
  • Missing the missions: Why Chip switched to working in defense and national security 
  • Creating pockets of structure within a notoriously unstructured environment 
  • What’s wrong with the pop-culture depiction of startups
  • Why Chip won’t be retiring in an RV

Connect with Chip: LinkedIn | Website

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Top Relevant Quotes:

“When I left the military, I realized that I missed the element of chaos and the lack of structure in that environment. It’s not for everybody, but I learned that I wanted that in my life.
Chip - 6:17

“Structure exists for a reason. I like the unstructured problems we see in defense but I’ve also come to appreciate the structured side of deciding how you get after the problem.”
Chip - 9:48

“Startups might have their scooters, free frappes and ping pong but it really is a lot of not so glamorous grinding.”
Tyler - 13:10



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