Building Supply Chain Resiliency Through Automation with Dave Ferris

Building Supply Chain Resiliency Through Automation with Dave Ferris

Dave Ferris

Show Notes

Today on All Quiet, Tyler is joined by Dave Ferris, the Director of Global Public Sector Capture at Interos Inc. Interos uses AI to help companies reinvent their supply chain management. By supplying data to help Interos’ AI tech helps reduce risk, avoid disruptions, and achieve superior enterprise adaptability. In this episode, Dave gives us supply chain 101 on how AI now has the power to give companies the ability to plan in advance of supply chain interferences in ways that were previously incalculable.

What’s Happening on the Second Front:
  • What Dave wishes he had learned earlier in his career
  • Loathing the government’s lack of urgency around supply chain issues
  • Acknowledging the recent increase of collaboration between industry and government
  • How automation helps mitigate potential supply chain disruptions

Connect with Dave: LinkedIn | Website

Connect with Tyler: LinkedIn | Website

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Top Relevant Quotes:

“Supply chain’s one of those issues that I think we’ve all talked about for awhile—We’ve had different vantage points but a shared sense of frustration over a perceived level of inaction and under appreciation from the government.”
Tyler - 10:15

“It takes continuous monitoring of hundreds of millions of unique business entities, and news sources, around the world so that you can see a supply chain event occurring in real time and then say, ‘Is that company that just got affected by that anywhere in my supply chain and how am I impacted?’ You need automation ”
Dave - 19:44

“At Interos, we can look at hundreds of millions of entities around the world and pair it down into ‘buckets’ so that people can make sense of and use all of this data—You just can’t do this at scale with people and spreadsheets.”
Dave - 26:00



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