Why You Need a Global Perspective to Be Successful with Paul Vingoe

Why You Need a Global Perspective to Be Successful with Paul Vingoe

Paul Vingoe

Show Notes

Today on All Quiet, Tyler chats with Paul Vingoe, the Director of VinDo Technology Ltd, a management consulting firm created to deliver business development, customer success, and regional expertise for US companies to enter the UK and European market at reduced risk. In this conversation, we learn how Paul leverages his unique skill set, starting out as a Colonel in the British army, to help US startups survive and thrive in the UK defense market by challenging the traditional approach to business development.

What’s Happening on the Second Front:
  • The pros and cons of working with smaller companies
  • Why US companies should want to do business in the UK
  • Startups vs the government: The differing approaches to the procurement process
  • Why Paul places such an emphasis on thinking globally
  • Common mistakes that cause startups to fail in the UK

Connect with Paul: Linkedin | Website

Connect with Tyler: LinkedIn | Website

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Top Relevant Quotes:

“Working with a small company presents the great challenge of working out how you’re going to navigate and fund the journey.”
Paul - 8:12

“Most defense procurement processes are very much centered around the idea of, ‘we must have the unique thing that we need to be successful in operations and win wars’ and that creates a marketspace for very specific defense technologies.”
Paul - 10:57

“Most UK startup failures are born out of an unrealistic ambition, for the region, in terms of scale and timing. When you’re getting started here, you really have to have a reality check and manage your expectations about what the scale of ambition can be.”
Paul - 17:40

“I think success comes from having a global perspective, rather than thinking that the American business model will work everywhere else. If you’re going to be a global company, then you need to put your resources and efforts in the best place globally to generate success. And that means being open to different approaches and ideas.”
Paul - 22:47



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