Navigating Our Sci-Fi Reality: Insights on Cybersecurity & AI

Navigating Our Sci-Fi Reality: Insights on Cybersecurity & AI

Ron Gula

Show Notes

Today on All Quiet, Tyler is joined by cyber nerd and UFO fanatic, Ron Gula. Ron is the President of Gula Tech Adventures, a cybersecurity company focused on cyber tech, cyber policy and recruiting people into the cyber workforce. In this episode, Ron guides us through a variety of thought-provoking topics to help us gain a better understanding of what cybersecurity is, how it’s used and why Ron’s such a firm believer in its power to unify.

What’s Happening on the Second Front:
  • Calibrating amidst the noise and information overload in our data-rich society
  • Bridging the Knowledge Gap: Congress, Cybersecurity, and the Language of Technology
  • The potential impact of AI's advancement on outsourced labor and globalization
  • Defining and exploring the concept of transparent elections
  • Ways Ron believes cybersecurity can contribute to national unity
Saved Rounds

In this episode, we introduce Saved Rounds with Second Front CTO Enrique Oti. The topic today? SCSP’s Offset X strategy paper and how it can potentially drive change.


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Top Relevant Quotes:

“With where we’re at right now with AI, and the explosion of content, anybody who’s trying to predict the future has no idea. We’re not even sure if it will be legal one or two elections from now.”
Ron - 4:19

“We’ve all seen ‘Made in China’ stamps on things, but what about all of the data hosted in China? Or AI trained in China? That’s probably a label that people don’t want to put on things.”
Ron - 7:30

“I think the concept of transparent elections, where I know who you voted for and you know who I voted for, is interesting to talk about. If we knew this, it would truly create an opportunity for us to have a more open discussion about what this country needs and I think it would help bring us together more than it would drive us apart.”
Ron - 30:19



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