Building Trust in Autonomous Software with Ahmed Humayun

Building Trust in Autonomous Software with Ahmed Humayun

Ahmed Humayun

Episode Description

Season 2, Episode 26. In this episode of All Quiet, Tyler sits down with Ahmed Humayun, who leads the federal growth team at Applied Intuition. Their conversation explores the challenges of transitioning successful R&D projects into operational use within the government and the crucial aspect of trust in deploying autonomous systems. They also delve into systemic issues like the challenging requirements of the development process and the need for change management, advocating for a more agile and responsive ecosystem.

What’s Happening on the Second Front:
  • Leveraging commercial tech advancements for government applications
  • The aspect of trust in the deployment and scaling of autonomous systems
  • Rethinking the requirements development process for better solutions
  • Incorporating user feedback in the early stages of testing
  • Strategies for transitioning to autonomous software

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