The Human Element of Tech with Matthew Zimmermann & John Wargo

The Human Element of Tech with Matthew Zimmermann & John Wargo

Matthew Zimmermann
John Wargo

Episode Description

Tyler Sweatt is joined by Matt Zimmermann, CEO, and John Wargo, CTO, of Beast Code. In this episode, they unravel the nuances of the defense tech industry, emphasizing trust, transparency, and meaningful partnerships with government agencies. Matt and John explain how they tackle real-world challenges, focusing on authenticity and innovation, the role of data ownership, and the potential for a cultural shift in data sharing. Tyler, Matt, and John discuss the power of abstraction in bridging the government-tech gap and offer candid insights into the defense tech landscape, showcasing the potential for positive change in national security and government markets.

What’s Happening on the Second Front:
  • The challenge of diverse data formats in defense tech
  • Enabling common data visualization to streamline processes
  • The importance of data ownership in defense operations
  • Bridging the gap between government and tech in data sharing
  • The potential for abstraction to transform the defense tech landscape

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