Offset Symposium 2024

Offset Symposium 2024

Tyler Sweatt

Episode Description

Today on All Quiet on the Second Front, Tyler takes the mic to advocate Second Front Systems’ upcoming Offset Symposium, a cornerstone event driving innovation in national security technology. Reflecting on last year's insights from speakers Peter Dixon and Tyler Rowe, Tyler explores the event's origins and evolution into a platform for critical dialogues and partnerships. With this year's theme, 'Software-Defined Statecraft,' the symposium aims to spark a shift towards outcome-driven strategies and precision enablement.

What’s Happening on the Second Front:
  • Origin and purpose of Offset Symposium
  • Offset Symposium's growth and evolution
  • Navigating authentic conversations and challenges
  • Embracing a focus on actionable outcomes
  • Unveiling the theme for the current year

Register for Second Front Systems’ Offset Symposium 2024 here.

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Catch 2F’s Offset Symposium replay here.

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