Data-Centric Warfighting with Brigadier General John P. Cogbill

Data-Centric Warfighting with Brigadier General John P. Cogbill

Brigadier General John P. Cogbill

Episode Description

Welcoming Season 3 of All Quiet, Tyler Sweatt is joined by Brigadier General John P. Cogbill, a seasoned expert in military operations and innovation within the United States Central Command (CentCom). Together, they discuss the pivotal role of migrating combat power across theaters while mitigating risks, emphasizing global awareness, and shortening kill chains. BG Cogbill sheds light on the challenges faced by the Joint Staff in global force management and highlights the significance of digital targeting and data integration for enhanced military capabilities. The conversation delves into empowering tactical innovation, advocating for innovation centers at division levels, and creating pathways to scale good ideas.

What’s Happening on the Second Front:
  • Enhancing global awareness and readiness for effective military operations
  • Empowering tactical-level innovation to solve problems efficiently
  • Leveraging digital targeting and data integration for operational effectiveness
  • Adopting new technology via the CTO & innovation task forces
  • Fostering collaboration through informal networks and platforms
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