Maximizing Product Value for Warfighters in Defense Community with Garrett Smith

Maximizing Product Value for Warfighters in Defense Community with Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith

Episode Description

Today, Tyler Sweatt is joined by Garrett Smith, the talented mind behind Reveal Technology. Garrett dives into the transformative journey of bringing cutting-edge products into the defense and national security sectors, emphasizing a product-first approach. As Garrett explains, Reveal Technology specializes in software designed for the hyper-tactical environment. Their flagship product, Farsight, revolutionizes how ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance) data streams are converted into three-dimensional GIS (Geographical Information Systems) products, placing actionable intelligence directly into the hands of tactical operators. Garrett’s insights shed light on the nuanced process of introducing innovative products into the defense landscape, highlighting the necessity of user-centric design, strategic partnerships, and a deep understanding of defense acquisitions and funding mechanisms.

What’s Happening on the Second Front:
  • Empathizing with defense end-users for impactful innovation
  • From problem identification to delivering tactical solutions
  • Navigating the defense acquisition maze with a multi-faceted strategy
  • Building strategic partnerships within the defense ecosystem
  • Aligning product development with defense budgeting and funding cycles
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