Policy as Code: Rewriting the Rules of Defense Innovation with Jacqueline Tame

Policy as Code: Rewriting the Rules of Defense Innovation with Jacqueline Tame

Jacqueline Tame

Episode Description

Today on 'All Quiet,' Tyler welcomes Jacqueline Tame, Executive Director at Silicon Valley Defense Group (SVDG) and Operating Partner at Playground Global, a pioneering venture capital firm specializing in deep tech. In a discussion that spans the intersection of technology, policy, and defense, Jacqueline shares her unique insights into the critical role of venture capital in national security. They delve into how non-dilutive funding and regulatory strategies can propel tech innovations from concept to deployment within government frameworks. Jacqueline discusses her groundbreaking work on GAMECHANGER at the DoD's Joint AI Center and her leadership in pioneering quantum computing initiatives at PsiQuantum. The conversation also covers the importance of bridging the gap between Silicon Valley innovation and Pentagon requirements, highlighting Jacqueline's pivotal role in fostering collaborations that enhance national security.

What’s Happening on the Second Front:
  • Examining the impact of venture capital on national defense innovations
  • Strategies for navigating government policies to fast-track tech deployment
  • The role of artificial intelligence in policy and legal analytics
  • Insights into global technological advancements and their implications for security
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