Strategic innovation: Europe's Role in Global Security with Eric Slesinger

Strategic innovation: Europe's Role in Global Security with Eric Slesinger

Eric Slesinger

Episode Description

In this episode of All Quiet, Tyler is joined by Eric Slesinger, General Partner at 201 Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm based in Madrid, Spain. 201 Ventures focuses on advancing freedom and autonomy in Europe by backing pre-seed and seed-stage companies in the intelligence, defense, and dual-use technology sectors. Eric, originally from Washington D.C., shares his journey from engineering and intelligence to leading 201 Ventures. Throughout the episode, Tyler and Eric delve into the critical role Europe plays in global security and the evolving dynamics of the defense technology landscape. Eric highlights the shifting focus towards economic competition and the need for Europe to bolster its defense tech capabilities internally. They discuss the increased defense budgets across major European countries, the importance of strategic partnerships, and the need for innovative approaches to address the continent's unique security challenges.

What’s Happening on the Second Front:
  • The shift in Europe's defense strategy
  • The impact of economic and geopolitical instability on security
  • The role of startups and innovative tech in defense modernization
  • Navigating the complexities of European defense procurement
  • The critical need for anticipatory thinking and strategic investment in defense tech
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