Offset Symposium Kickoff: Allies, Partners & Software | Peter Dixon, CEO of Second Front Systems

Join CEO Peter Dixon of Second Front Systems as he kicks off Offset Symposium 2023 discussing the critical role of software in U.S. and Allied national security.

Gain valuable insights into the necessary adaptations required by the DoD and Intelligence Communities to navigate evolving challenges and foster agility. Explore topics such as overcoming bureaucratic hurdles, prioritizing investments, and leveraging tactical knowledge to maintain a technological military advantage. This discussion sheds light on the challenges and opportunities in the ever-evolving defense industry.

Key Topics:

  • Role of software in defense systems
  • Evolution and agility in the DoD and Intelligence Communities
  • Overcoming bureaucracy in legacy institutions
  • The Israeli model for national security innovation* Key threats: Russia and China
  • Urgency of investments and technological advantage
  • Tactical knowledge for ground-level challenges
  • Streamlining innovation organizations in the DoD
  • Effective innovation initiatives: DIU, In-Q-Tel, AFWERX
  • Backing successful prototypes and measuring success through metrics

Offset Symposium

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