Stories of Scale | Tech Leadership Lessons Learned (Collaborating with Five Eyes (FVEY))

Watch as tech entrepreneurs collaborating with Five Eyes (FVEY) organizations discuss their paths to success in the national security ecosystem. Gain valuable insights into how companies and the Department of Defense (DoD) make strategic choices, acquire technology and services, and continuously improve their capabilities. Learn about the challenges they face and how they overcome barriers to deliver their tech for national security needs. Delve into topics such as developing federal go-to-market strategies, securing initial government contracts, building essential relationships, and more.


Winston Chang - CTO, Global Public Sector at Snowflake

Dave Ferris - Director of Global Public Sector Capture at Interos Inc.

Zachary Mears - Senior Vice President at Anduril Industries

Jessica Carroll - Vice President of Policy and Government Affairs at Shift5

Key topics include:

  • Strategic choices in national security
  • Technology acquisition for national security
  • Continuous improvement in national security
  • Federal go-to-market strategy
  • Securing contracts in national security
  • Building essential relationships in national security
  • Working with FVEY organizations
  • Overcoming barriers in delivering tech for national security
  • Leveraging partnerships and international relationships
  • Innovations in autonomy and AI for national security

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