The Role of Primes in Emerging Tech (How Primes are Bridging the "Valley of Death" for Startups)

Discover how primes are bridging the "valley of death" for startups, reimagining support for customers, and becoming key players in the defense tech ecosystem. Partnerships with defense prime play an important role in emerging tech and in driving structural changes. Esteemed speakers from ManTech, Booz Allen Ventures, Leidos, Lockheed Martin Ventures, and Palantir will share insights on innovation, programs of record, DoD software acquisitions, and the impact of emerging technologies.


Austin Walne - Board Director of Second Front Systems, Board Observer at Locus Biosciences

Travis Bales - Managing Director at Booz Allen Ventures

Adam Sheipe - Senior Vice President of Corporate Development at Leidos

Jeff Cunningham - Investment Manager at Lockheed Martin Ventures

Lauren Penneys - SVP Federal New Programs at Palantir

Key Topics:

  • Role of primes in emerging tech
  • Making the case for partnerships
  • Reimagining support for customers
  • Bridging the "valley of death" for startups
  • Programs of record and their importance
  • The impact of DoD acquisition processes
  • Innovation in the defense tech ecosystem
  • Emerging technologies and their influence
  • Structural changes in the industry
  • The future of defense tech

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