Hacking Bureaucracy For a Better Future with Bryon Kroger

Hacking Bureaucracy For a Better Future with Bryon Kroger

Bryon Kroger

Episode Description

Episode 24, Season 2. This week on All Quiet, Tyler chats with Bryon Kroger, Air Force veteran and Founder and CEO of Rise8. Together, they unpack the pitfalls of current risk management and cybersecurity in government operations and Bryon critiques the ATO process, advocating for a more agile, people-centric approach. Tyler and Bryon also delve into the buzz-worthy topic of software factories and the crucial role of HR in driving change. Bryon's insights serve as a call to action for rethinking how we approach tech in government.

What’s Happening on the Second Front:
  • Critique of the current ATO process and its focus on cybersecurity
  • The role of culture in risk management and operational efficiency
  • The concept and challenges of software factories in government settings
  • Limitations of traditional HR practices in hiring tech talent for government roles
  • Toyota's production system as a model for organizational efficiency
  • Balancing speed and security in software development

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Books mentioned:

Recoding America by Jennifer Pahlka

Wardley Maps by Simon Wardley

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