Are We Winning? A Decade of Gov Reform with Marina Nitze

Are We Winning? A Decade of Gov Reform with Marina Nitze

Marina Nitze

Episode Description

Season 2, Episode 25. Today on All Quiet, Enrique Oti and author of Hack Your Bureaucracy, Marina Nitze explore the real-world strategies for making government workflows more efficient and responsive. Marina shares her battle-tested strategies involving crisis management, process mapping, and incentive calibration to better navigate the bureaucratic maze.

What’s Happening on the Second Front:
  • Marina's unique take on bureaucracy as a living, adaptable system
  • Mastering process mapping in crisis and non-crisis situations
  • Fine-tuning incentives for maximum impact
  • The importance of cross-departmental collaboration for organizational effectiveness
  • Driving behavior change through hard numbers and insights
  • The most fun method of bureaucracy hacking

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