Unpacking the Cycles: Investment and Innovation in Dual-Use Technologies with Ryan Lewis

Unpacking the Cycles: Investment and Innovation in Dual-Use Technologies with Ryan Lewis

Ryan Lewis

Episode Description

Today on All Quiet, Tyler is joined by Ryan Lewis, who brings his expertise on venture capital to explore the nuances of technology, national security, and investment. Ryan is currently Partner at SRI Ventures and serves on various boards across different tech sectors, which gives him a unique perspective on the intersection of finance and innovation. Tyler and Ryan cover the cyclical nature of tech trends, the challenges in the defense industrial base, and the complexities of involving both seasoned and newbie investors in aerospace ventures. Their conversation examines both the push for innovation and the realities of geopolitics and market conditions. Whether you're an investor or just intrigued by the confluence of tech and national security, this episode is packed with vital insights.

The CosmiQ Rare Planes project Ryan mentions during the episode.

What’s Happening on the Second Front:
  • The cyclical nature of tech trends in national security
  • What's behind the wave of defense industry consolidations
  • Dual-use technologies and their role in geopolitics
  • Pitfalls of misaligned investor and board expectations
  • Macroeconomic impacts on long-term investment in defense and tech

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