The Future of Geopolitics and National Security with Vance Serchuk

The Future of Geopolitics and National Security with Vance Serchuk

Vance Serchuk

Episode Description

This week on All Quiet, Tyler is joined by Vance Serchuk, Executive Director of KKR Global Institute. During the episode, they discuss the thought-provoking and multifaceted landscape of geopolitics and national security. Vance's profound insights illuminate the diverse strengths of America, encompassing innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, and unwavering patriotism. Amidst the challenges of divisive politics, Tyler and Vance’s conversation explores the global demand for American leadership and the intricate interplay between external threats and internal unity. Together, they engage in a nuanced exploration, gaining valuable perspectives on the evolving dynamics that shape the nation's pivotal role in the complex theater of geopolitics.

Today on Saved Rounds, Tyler and Enrique share their perspectives on the modernization of the U.S. Navy's Undersea Fleet with Cloud Computing and AI, uncovering the exciting implications beneath the surface.

What’s Happening on the Second Front:
  • Strengths of the US: Innovation, entrepreneurship, and military prowess
  • Geopolitical opportunities: demand for American leadership and global partnerships
  • Concerns about divisive domestic politics and negative discourse
  • Gap between rhetoric and action in addressing serious geopolitical challenges
  • Urgency in strengthening the defense industrial base for national security

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