People-Centered Data Practices with Dr. David A. Bray

People-Centered Data Practices with Dr. David A. Bray

Dr. David A. Bray

Episode Description

Today on All Quiet on the Second Front, Tyler Sweatt is joined by Dr. David A. Bray, a world-renowned tech leader named one of "24 Americans Changing the World" by Business Insider. In the episode, Tyler and David share profound insights into the challenges posed by disinformation campaigns targeting public officials and emphasize the need for collaborative networks to counteract them. The conversation also weaves through the complexities of AI, data, and national security, with David shedding light on the significance of vetting data for reliability. Together, they examine the intersection of technology, governance, and societal trust for valuable perspectives on navigating the evolving landscape.

Today on Saved Rounds, Tyler and Enrique discuss US-Australia collaboration in maritime autonomy, focusing on policy-driven outcomes and integrating tech from primes and startups.

What’s Happening on the Second Front:
  • Defending against smear campaigns and rapid information flow
  • AI security challenges, data poisoning, and tech capabilities
  • Trusted data pools, vetting, and intentional naysayer pools
  • National initiatives in data, AI, and civilian services
  • Proactive communication, balancing generative AI and fact-checking
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